Box On Band


Take 1 (2014)

Take 1 is available today

  • Release: 01 Apr, 2014
  • Catalog No: 1

Our first cd became a reality when we (Rick and Elise) decided we wanted a recorded memory of our children playing music and singing. Uncle Hank recorded the band over a Christmas vacation. It was a first experience for all the kids, one which they all enjoyed. The process of deciding which songs to choose was quite easy. We picked songs that the kids had been performing at area assisted living facilities, so they were familiar to us and the general public. Box On is proud of their first cd and hope you will enjoy listening to it.

It features a diverse list of songs that is sure to suit the hearts of everyone.

1: Sugartime
2: FireHouse
3: Stop the world
4: Jambalaya
5: When You’re Smiling & Mr. Sandman
6: Reminiscing Time
7: Country roads
8: Na Lewo
9: Baby’s in Black
10: Melody of Love
11: Act Naturally
12: Don’t be cruel
13: Que Sera Sera
14: I Wanna Girl/ Roses